Don’t Take Vacations: Do this instead

Jason Vitug
3 min readMar 24, 2023


Jaosn Vitug exploring the Giza Plateau December 2022

I know many who go on countless vacations. Their life looks amazing from the outside, but behind closed doors, they share with me the desire to live a different life. The hope is to do something else: to break free.

But it’s scary for them.

It was scary for me.

It’s hard to walk the non-traditional path.

So, they continue to spend on vacations to get a glimmer of the life they want. And at the same time, wondering why they can’t live that life full-time.

I learned some time ago that I simply didn’t want to take vacations from my life. I wanted to figure out how to create a life I didn’t need to vacation from.

You see, experiences are vital to changing your path in life. Experiences often shape and shift your mindset and, therefore, your decisions. Making different decisions alter the path your life takes.

But if you go on vacations and only do the same things and have the same conversations and have all the same comforts as you do back home, you’re changing scenery, not changing your path.

Here’s the thing: leaving your scene (the environment in which you work and live) is very helpful, even if it’s just a few days. Vacations are needed: you need an opportunity to rest.

But I know you want something more.

Taking yourself away from the environment you’re in for a few days, two weeks or more, can do wonders. That’s because your environment plays a role in your well-being. Your environmental wellness can hinder or help you. (I talk about this in Happy Space in my new book Happy Money Happy Life.)

Taking a break (aka a vacation) is fine. But I am sure you don’t simply want life to be about the breaks or the vacations.

I asked 7 years ago: Why do we work so hard to pay for things to comfort us, rather than (spend our time and money) to create a life that needs less comforting?

Ask yourself: are you wanting to change the scenery or want to change your life?


Hi, I’m Jason. I’m someone who longed for something more without knowing what “more” was. I am still figuring that out but I’ve learned how to make this journey of self-discovery a bit healthier, wealthier, and happier.

You can read more about the eight wellness dimensions–mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational and financial–in my new book, Happy Money Happy Life. A book on happiness that teaches you how to use money as the tool to live your healthiest, wealthiest and happiest life.



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