Happy Money Happy Book Tour Events

Jason Vitug
2 min readMar 15, 2023

Some of you have asked when I’ll be in your neighborhood. My tour officially starts March 15th (yes, I had a few pre-book tour celebrations).

See the dates here: https://www.phroogal.com/happytour

Here’s an updated list of events, bookstores, and credit union partners. There are more events pending. So stay tuned.

When I decided last year to find 100 credit unions, I knew it would be a lot of work. One hundred is a considerable number to aim for.

Although I am a bit exhausted from the many “nos” I have received, I understand their reasoning, concerns, and fears. All this has not deterred me though.

I’m a believer in big goals and hard work. I believe that people with common missions and values find each other. Everything works out as it should. And if my past is any indication of success, I know I will do my part to make big, bold ideas come to fruition.

I’m grateful for the current credit unions participating in the CU Happy tour. They believe as I do on the meaning behind the words “financial wellness.” It’s not just the trendy phrase. It’s a strategy, a way of doing business, and a way of thinking and acting. Thank you!

I am not a fortune teller, but I’ve lived long enough to start seeing cycles repeat itself. It reminds me of 2008 when I worked to calm the fears of members.

With all the news around banking fears today, I know the place credit unions have in society. And I know very well the importance of wellness and happiness to combat the stress and sadness.

See you on the road!



Jason Vitug

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