Visibility does not pay the bills

Jason Vitug
1 min readJul 15, 2023

The actor strikes emphasizes that fame and visibility do not pay the bills.

The next time a company asks you to do work with more visibility as payment, tell them the only thing visible in our reality is money.

To quote a scriptwriter, “Show me the money.”

Creative pursuits are more visible but only viable as a career if paid. So many creators struggle financially and often leave their craft. They need to pursue money to pay the bills than pursue their purpose.

Think of the creations we miss out on. Wonder about the words that are never printed. Imagine the art that’s never created: the images and words that inspire us on our path.

For all those wondering if authors make tons of money from their books, they do not. Many authors struggle to make a living. And those who often share how rich they got from writing books are selling a course on how to get rich from writing books.

Only a few authors make the millions that media outlet shares. The vast majority live in obscurity working 9–5 jobs hoping to find the time and energy from the exhaustion. The lethargy one feels for not pursuing one’s purpose.



Jason Vitug

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